Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Liverpool Red Curry.

A few facts are coming out about Thaksin Skimawad's bid for Liverpool FC.

1- the 30% stake is being bought from another investor (Moores), so will any money go to Liverpool?

2- the money is "public funds", not the PM's (as if he is short of a few baht...). Thai politicians are rarely able to distinguish between private and public funds, except for the direction of flow, anyhow.

3- The PM wants a say in proceedings...

4- A private company formed by a group of "Thai businessmen" has been formed to exploit the connection (merchandising, marketing etc)

So, Thaksin does not pay for it but gets influence. The club does not get the money. A group of already rich Thais get, basically, free-of-charge control(*) over Liverpool marketing and revenues in Thailand without having to pay up the £65M!

So thats all right then, isn't it.

(*) Liverpool merchandising is guaranteed cash cow - it is not an investment bearing any risk, but a license to print money.


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