Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Crime and Punishment

Two thugs get 3 and 6 years for beating and racially abusing two Chinese nationals in Lothian, Scotland. One is now permanently brain-damaged after being repeatedly kicked in the head whilst unconscious on the floor.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that ignorance is no defence. So how come these Neanderthals are not up for attempted murder? Probably because the intent was not to kill. We do not have 'attempted manslaughter'. Kicking someone repeatedly in the head has a high risk of killing them, so why is it only GBH or ABH? Being ignorant of the violence of one's actions should not be a defence. Pleading ignorance at the likely outcome of one's actions is not a defence. There needs to be new sentencing laws to ensure aggressive violent acts that are clearly endangering life are dealt with. 30 years or 60 years is a more appropriate sentence.

Kicking anyone repeatedly while they are down has a high risk of killing them...unless it is kicking them in the arse and there are a few people (sentencing judges, legal precedents, bleedin heart excusers) who need a good kicking in the arse right now, not innocent people about their lawful business who are forced into a confrontation by repeated abuse.


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