Friday, June 11, 2004

Voting - Polling Stations, Postal Votes and ID cards...

With the UK EU and local elections, I was allowed to vote by just saying a name and address that matched.

This is pathetic - I could have got that from someone's front garden by looking into their paper recycling bin!

Postal votes are no better - If I moved house my votes may have gone to another person or even to someone spoofing multiple people in the house.

ID cards are the answer. People should turn out at a polling station WHEREVER and cast their vote. Technically you do not even need to cast it in a specific place, as your ID check at the reception desk can produce a form which you then use to cast your vote (i.e. this avoids someone having 2 IDs, showing one but voting with another or others).

All this is doable, though I can see the government and the rapacious ICT companies spinning this out into a decade long, £100M project!


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