Thursday, April 21, 2005

What are "Vital Services"?

What are 'vital services'?

I see alot of people talking about this, but when they outline what they call 'vital', I have concerns that they really do not know the meaning of the word.

To me, the 'vital services' a government provides are:

Defence and Customs
Courts and Prison Services
The Central Bank
Power/Water/Sewage (in terms of 'last mile' at least).

Not much else is 'vital' inasmuch as if it were otherwise privately run it would surrender our liberites.

Health, education, transport, housing - all can be provided via the private sector.

The state sector in health and education is an enforced monopoly, and a very inefficient one at that. People should be able to pay for their own provision, not have thier pockets picked. Of course, there is a need to provide basic provision for all. Part of this provision can be provided by charitable organisations that people will surely pay into, seeing as they believe in it...or do they?

Is it right that the State hijack people under the threat of prison with what can only be described as a form of enforced charity?

It is not wrong to be grateful for charity and assistance, but what we have now is a significant ungrateful section of the population who demands ever more and more, like some cuckoo chick in our midst.


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