Tuesday, May 17, 2005

George Galloway bitch-slaps the Senate Committee

I could not be considered a big fan of George Galloway, but I do admire the way he as soundly bitch-slapped the US Senate Committee today, leaving them and their evidence looking amateurish in the extreme.

George kicks off with a robust opening that pulled no punches and laid open whole lines of thought that, though commonly held in the UK, I doubt are to be found in the majority of US citizens.

The opening line of the first document was used as an example of what George considered the 'evidence' to be: That they asserted he had met Saddam 'many times' but it was in fact twice - and the classic followup to that, pointing out that "Rumpsfelt" had also met SH twice, but to sell guns and gas. Wonderful.

Robustness like this is the stuff of the UK Parliament and it is nice to see it getting an airing in what can only be described as a pantomime.

"Rumpsfelt"'s ears must be glowing!


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