Saturday, September 25, 2004

Rise of the Glib-Dems

The UK needs a strong leader willing to make nasty hard choices but be open about it (attn, TB!).

Kennedy is not that person and his government does not have the mettle, being a bunch of flim-flammy, spineless but spiteful busy-bodies (Sir Menzies excluded).

CK and the Glib-Dems do offer three things to the nation: Fudge, Flannel and Wet Nappies!

40 more forms of tax, and likely 40 more forms to fill in!

A local income tax will make urban centres at risk from the spendthrift loony-left days, when those receiving handouts could vote in councils but not have to pay a penny for it!

Apart from that, any political group that has Shirley Williams as a member gets the thumbs down if only for her spiteful handling of Education and the "lowest common denominator" approach of "Comprehensive" Education.