Friday, June 10, 2005

Apple moves to Intel - a wedge in the Great Wall

Forgive me while I become a tech-head...

I think Stevie Jobs has a great opportunity...

1) Right now we have entering the universe a version of OSX via the ADC route (Apple's Developer community is being offered a limited must-return hardware+software package to develop Intel based applications) that boots (I believe) on STOCK INTeL motherboards and Phoenix BIOS*.

2) This version will not be the final deal, IMHO, as I am suspecting we will see Apple using EFI* based motherboards and OSX requiring same with other tweaks.This would be to ensure we have the Mac Experience and not the Plug-and-hang-yourself alternative that is the current WINTEL offering using a 8088 CGI 640x400 16 colour steam powered BIOS.

Where am I going with this? Well, I think it may be an excellent way to allow all those WINTeL clockers, hackers and slackers to take a good long sneaky look at OSX on their beige towers using pirated bit torrent copies without diluting the real deal OSX that will emerge.

When INTeL Apple Macs emerge, they will be EFI rigs. EFI rigs will not work with anything other than Longhorn in WINTEL land. How many clone EFI motherboards will be sold widely in WINTeL land before Longhorn gets loose? Not many, especially as Longhorn is backwards compatible with Phoenix (har har, never free of the legacy, eh, Bill?)

The EFI rigs will be the catszazz. Apple rigs will be top quality and stylish to boot (in more ways than one). The PC crew will by then know OSX. They will look longingly at the Apple lineup of EFI kit and think to themselves that this is familiar OS ground, a superior architecture and drop-dead gorgeous to look at. They will not be scared.

Apple have switchers at the top of the tree asthetically and, frankly, economically. With this move, they may just get the geek-side clocker/board swappers too.

*Phoenix BIOS is the black and white clunky stage PC owners see when they boot. EFI is the Intel replacement.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


The EU Constitution has opposition from both 'sides' - or is it all for corners? Left-Right and Statist-Libertarian. The logic is to kill the constitution in its current form. It cannot be 'mended'. It is not about detail. The problem with it is its very aim.

Opposition groups from all four sides can see that the EU aims to render them incapable of operation should they win power in their own countries. The EU aims to permit only one route, with various marketing details. People will be sold product from a cosy cartel if the EU succeeds in its present form. (q.v. The UK Liberal Democrats who, upon electoral failure, just rebrand and re-package to gain more 'market share').

IMHO the EU constitution needs to be stripped bare and focus on the basics of interoperation and cross border issues of commerce and trade. A separate mechanism for cross border taxation and fiscal issues is one for the Eurozone countries (now, you see the presumption and arrogance of the EU entity in blending them...).

Alas, as others have alluded to, the EU may be unstoppable, like some form of Terminator -

"LISTEN and understand. The EU is OUT THERE. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear and it absolutely WILL NOT STOP...EVER! until you are DEAD!"

Listen here for the original...