Saturday, April 23, 2005

UK "Immigration"? Try solving the growth in underclass first.

Much handwringing over immigration and asylum in the UK. 100,000! Shock horror. Thanks in part to an effective opposition campaign and the odd whistle-blower the UK Government have tightened up the immigration and asylum system. I say 'Government' as I believe little would be different between the major parties on this issue. Thanks to the bravery of individuals and the work of our parliamentary system, faith can and should be restored in the processes so that immigrants and those gaining asylum are not treated with suspicion.

People could complain about 'crowding', but I see the absurd situation of the state funding, without limit, the expansion of the underclass as a greater cause of 'crowding' and a bigger threat to race relations and crime than immigration.

How is the state funding this expansion? It does so by continuing policies which directly or indirectly nurture and subsidise the underclass to remain an underclass and to fund the next generation of that underclass. People can leave school with no qualifications, get housing, get benefit for children, have more children, get additional housing for the familly on and on. Children of parents who have never really worked in their life are now leaving school with no education and no intention of working but every intention of starting a family while the country has to import people to ensure jobs are filled. I have no objection to the latter, only for former.

If people decide not to train or learn that is their choice, unfortunately. If girls get pregnant that is unfortunate too and something does need to be done for those not willing or able to support themselves and their child. What should not happen is that such a thing becomes a 'lifestyle choice'. Young single mothers-to-be often wish to escape a brutal and, frankly, dangerous home and for them a place in sheltered accomodation with resident nurse should be provided. What should not be provided is a council flat where the girl is practically abandoned.

If the girl wants her own place she will need to sort that out herself. If she wants to live with her boyfriend/partner (the secure accomodation should not support couples) the partner should shoulder the responsibility and provide for her.

Should anyone on benefits wish to grow their family then the state should not provide any increases in benefits, child support, allowances, entertain changes in accomodation to reflect that. The benefits and council system should be there to support those who fall on hard times, including those gaining asylum, NOT those who choose their situation.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

What are "Vital Services"?

What are 'vital services'?

I see alot of people talking about this, but when they outline what they call 'vital', I have concerns that they really do not know the meaning of the word.

To me, the 'vital services' a government provides are:

Defence and Customs
Courts and Prison Services
The Central Bank
Power/Water/Sewage (in terms of 'last mile' at least).

Not much else is 'vital' inasmuch as if it were otherwise privately run it would surrender our liberites.

Health, education, transport, housing - all can be provided via the private sector.

The state sector in health and education is an enforced monopoly, and a very inefficient one at that. People should be able to pay for their own provision, not have thier pockets picked. Of course, there is a need to provide basic provision for all. Part of this provision can be provided by charitable organisations that people will surely pay into, seeing as they believe in it...or do they?

Is it right that the State hijack people under the threat of prison with what can only be described as a form of enforced charity?

It is not wrong to be grateful for charity and assistance, but what we have now is a significant ungrateful section of the population who demands ever more and more, like some cuckoo chick in our midst.

UK Election - None of the Above!

I have allowed my thoughts to be open to the messages of the political parties but I see 'none of the above' as a truth for me.

All the parties infuriate. Nibbling around the edges. Taxing us. Interfering. Huge waste and socially manipulative strategies that create problems and a demand for more 'services' and 'agencies'. Social Services seem to nurture behaviours to guarantee future 'customers' for themselves and their colleagues. Council Tax is a huge burden, yet we hear it takes £600m a year just to manage rebates on this tax alone. Why are we rewarding the underclass by increasing their benefits and improving their housing when they decide to have more children they have no intention of supporting?

Something has to be done.

I think I am becoming a Libertarian.